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RIP IHFF 2010 - 2023

Thank you all for 13 wonderful years of Indie Horror Film Festival.  Please keep making movies that KILL!

The Indie Horror Film Festival!

The Indie Horror Film Festival returned from the dead in 2010 with hopes of swallowing mortals whole and filling their souls with a thirst for blood and horror.  The Indie Horror Film Festival screened films from all over the world and brought the best of blood, gore and horror to the big screen for you to enjoy!

We are sad to announce that following the end of the 2023 festival season, Indie Horror Film Festival will be going on a potentially permanent hiatus.  It is always possible that it could come back to life in the future, but for now the Festival Director and Owner is discontinuing his festival work to explore other opportunities.

Thank you all for 13 Bloody Years! *Cheers

2023 Award Winners!