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sept. 4th-18th 2020


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2020 Official Film Selections

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A print-shop worker finds out the hard way that if you let it, guilt, will kill you.


SCHISM tells the tale of a young man named Christopher who faces off against his former Pastor who leads him on a journey into the darkest recesses of his mind and onto the shores of Hell itself. Schism is a supernatural and psychological horror that deals with the occult, demons, and the tragic quality of human isolation in a world that never sleeps.


Soon Comes Night is an allegory for the illogical nature of life and death. Death is indomitable, guaranteed and will relent for no one. While buying flowers and balloons for his newborn granddaughter at the local supermarket, James is subject to this unfortunate truth when the Grim Reaper comes to take him away.


When 12-year-old Rosie and Miles encounter a strange man on the 4th of July in 1974, their journey to watch the fireworks on the outskirts of town becomes an unexpected fight for survival.


A young Catholic school girl encounters foul spirits.


Susie and Andy’s relationship has become toxic. In order to deal with Andy’s controlling and emotionally damaging actions, Susie begins to manifest a real and physical horror.


On All Hallow’s Eve in the town of Mapleridge, four friends set out for an evening of devilish debauchery. But first? A little pre-party at the new girls house. Unfortunately for them however their spooky shindig, is brought to an abrupt end. Because someone’s arrived to ensure this impromptu gathering is a dud. Blowing in like a violent whirlwind of bones and blood. It would seem the gangs small detour has become a dead end. But the most rotten tricks and treats are yet to come. Now the friends must summon every ounce of courage they have and prepare for a fight, if they hope to survive this Halloween night! “Halloweened.”


Lili (Lisa Smit – Netflix’s Ares) knows she has to nail this audition. The Man (Derek de Lint – Soldier of Orange/The Unbearable Lightness of Being) she auditions for, knows this too. Thus starts an uncomfortable cat and mouse game in this single-shot #metoo horror, about power, the misuse of power and female empowerment.


A story of a mother and daughter's fight to end evil. Finding out about their bloodline.
MAYA the Sacrifice is dedicated to Mental Health.


Stop-motion cannibal animation music video for Oh Sees.


Two caring parents who want what's best for their daughter, Paige, have a rule in place in their house that forbids Paige from entering the door down the hall from where she sleeps. She respects their rule, and happily adjusts to life in their care. But this doesn’t stop her curiosity and the nightmares she's having. Despite the secrets still undeniably kept. On this night, Paige realizes that the paranormal activity in her bedroom and her horrifying nightmares have something to do with this secret. The Entity enters her dreams and lures her further into the mystery of which lies behind that door down the hall. In order to uncover what’s behind that door she tries to find out the code to unlock it, she does so by listening to the whispers and strange occurrences in her house. What follows her is the evil presence in her dreams and successfully gets Paige to open the door. But Paige realizes this was a big mistake..


A young man moves in with his mother, a retired entomologist, to assist her battle with dementia. His stay quickly descends into a nightmare as his mother's aggression and strange behavior gives light to something more insidious at play.


Preston’s adoptive parents Daniel and Kate think that he is just going through a phase, but Kate fears it may be more because of Preston’s haunted past. Are the monsters in Preston’s closet his past coming back to haunt him? Or is it just another kid with an over active imagination? One thing is for sure, its going to be a night everyone will remember…


What would you do if you had an endless vacation?
Sam and her friends are about to find out, when they arrive at a cabin that won’t let them leave.
Every time they walk away, they appear back inside. What starts as a strange problem turns deadly as they learn the true meaning of a permanent vacation...
How long can they stand living in a tiny cabin with each other?

Hell is other people.


A surreal, horror-esque music video for Absenol's delightfully dark and grungy track "The Spirit Molecule".

A scruffy, dishevelled and visibly sleep-deprived man is obsessed with an old 1950s LSD documentary. In his unsettling and somber lair, he prepares for a psychedelic trip, in sync with what he sees on his sacred television screen. But is he venturing into a harmless, hallucinatory experience, or something more?


Paul, a shy, middle aged milquetoast living alone with his domineering mother lures a young, vulnerable woman into their home under the guise of an apartment for rent.


A 20-year-old girl lives alone in a huge isolated log house in the woods. During a cold winter night, she notices a stranger man prowling in her garden. She realizes that he wants to invade her house. The fear for her survival escalates. Her life is now under threat. The fear and adrenaline drive her to the edge and turn her into her own worst fears.


A young woman is living for years with a terrible trauma that
happened during her birthday party when she was a little girl.
From that day on, she decided never to celebrate it again.
But when she turns twenty-one, her best friend breaks the ritual
organizing a surprise party, unaware of awakening horrors, which
for years have been waiting in the darkness.


A cutesy app turns into a nightmare for two sisters when they’re unable to end the game or control the rapidly escalating stakes.


Two friends looking to unwind find themselves on the path of an unusual neighbor.


Outback hillbillies have some uninvited company!

An innocent mushroom foraging adventure goes awry when 3 friends stumble upon a remote family that will do anything to survive and thrive after nuclear testing left them stranded deep in the woods.


Callie is a young wife in the midst of dying. While coming to grips with such an early end to her own life, she suspects her husband, Amit, is moving on from her too early. She uses her best friend, Hannah, as a means of comfort and consolation. Hannah and Amit's multiple attempts to quell Callie's fears fail, and Callie passes still thinking the worst. Hannah and Amit will soon learn how difficult it can be for Callie to say goodbye.


A husband and wife venture deep into the woods to save their newborn from a witch


Borja is about to meet his girlfriend´s parents. This is meant to be a tricky moment and even awkward. However, he hasn´t even imagined what he´s going to suffer next. The best way to overcome the situation: to give smile and wait.


On a quiet dark night, Jenny awakens only to herself captive in her own bathroom. Trapped and struggling to find clarity, Jenny is stricken with a powerful cannibalistic hunger. Just on the other side of the bathroom door, her wounded and frightened boyfriend, Carl struggles to keep Jenny contained. As Jenny’s insatiable taste for human flesh grows stronger every minute, the danger of her hunger looms over them, and the only thing keeping them from losing control of the situation, is the bathroom door.


Grave-robbing Tanya, with her precious hubby Preston in tow, unearths a cursed ring and unleashes a powerful demon hellbent to get it back by any means necessary.


Mayhem erupts in a quiet suburban neighborhood as the result of sinister influence.

Listen. Smile. Obey.



A lost woman in an abandoned place trying to find her way home.


An afternoon jog for a trail runner seemed like the perfect way to spend her day off, until a strange encounter with a red tent ensued.


Black Metal at it's best. The Band in this Video is still a big mystery and officially it's still a secret who the band is. Lovers and Fans of original Black Metal Music will recognize band members of world famous metal bands in this music video, so watch out!


Jacque meets with Red at a ruined church.
She has committed an ultimate act of betrayal, and Red says she'll never forgive her.
When Red walks off through the Screaming Woods, Jacque follows her.
Unable to bear the pursuit, Red begs to be left alone.
When they reach the old Gothic house that is their home, Red denies Jacque entry.
Jacque circles the house, and claws at the window begging to be let in.
After Jacque manages to slip inside the house behind Red's back, repeatedly begs to be acknowledged, but Red refuses her.
Jacque tells Red that if she persists in denying her, she will be trapped for eternity.
Is Jacque dead? Is Red?
Are they forever locked in a cycle of suicide and betrayal?
Outside the animals scream, and inside the fire burns.


Forced to take shelter, a father and daughter break into a farmhouse concealing a twisted monster.

Set in the 1970s, Infracktion follows two drifters – Laura and her father, John. Trekking across the moorland late into the night, the two seek shelter in a seemingly abandoned farm house. In the gloom of the house, a twisted horror stirs.


A bastard child of a noble and his mistress, Madalena grew obsessed with fire after both her parents burnt to death in a tragic accident.

Raised by her resentful blind stepmother who once cut Madalena´s tongue out of an outburst of anger, she cannot talk but finds other means of expressing her feelings towards her abusive stepmother and the local priest who takes advantage of her silence and innocence.

Pyromancy becomes her new language.


Mia is haunted by her terrifying encounter of Sleep Paralysis and the arrival of The Nocnitsa. Her boyfriend comes home the next day to find Mia injured.


Based on the short story by Stephen King, "Uncle Otto's Truck" tells the tale of a man obsessed by a truck that he's convinced is out to get him.


It's Halloween night at WRXN 101.5FM and DJ Mickey Monstro has some tricks up his sleeve for his ghoulish listeners. But little does he know that a mysterious record will unleash the ghosts of the station's past and wreak havoc across the airwaves to all that are listening. Turn on. Tune in. Drop dead.


A woman hunted. Accused of witchcraft, who finds love in an unlikely ally. Can she escape with her life, can she ever truly be free?


Dead Air is a Comedy Horror about 'Monster Kitten' - an all female punk rock band - who get caught up in a fight with little gremlins in a plane at 30,000ft whilst heading to the last gig of their comeback tour.


A man stalks his prey on the streets of Los Angeles, but on this occasion picks the wrong person to mess with.


“Underwood” tells the story of a beautiful novelist named Samantha Rollins who embarks on a weekend retreat to a lakefront cabin in hopes of getting some peace and quiet, unaware that the cabin is actually occupied by an unhappy presence. While cleaning up the old dusty space, Samantha finds a trunk containing a collection of love letters, old photos, and an antique Underwood brand typewriter which she takes a liking to and cleans up for possible future use. Each night Samantha starts having the strangest recurring dream featuring the people in the photos that she found in the chest, revealing a story about something horrible that happened at the cabin many years earlier. As the dream progresses, Samantha gets closer and closer to revealing exactly who is responsible for the tragic event that transpired... and when she awakens each morning, her dreams from the night before have already been typed out and sit waiting for her on the table next to old Underwood typewriter she found. It’s through her dreams that Samantha reveals the dark, half century old secrets of this cabin, though she has little time left to stop a hidden killer before becoming the next victim herself."


Five college students embark on a paranormal investigation of Dead Woman’s Hollow Road, a hub of mysterious deaths and strange phenomena along the Appalachian Trail. The probe turns deadly when people in their camp begin dying. For those still alive, their only hope for survival is a wet behind the ears Sheriff who must come to terms with the fact that the darkness surrounding his quiet town isn’t supernatural, but an evil that’s very real.


In this X Rated American Gore Fest A group of city folk travel the Back Roads of Pennsylvania when they have a deadly encounter with the country folk who are a little more than demented. An Insane and Gore Filled Flashback to the Good Ol' Days of American Horror. "Get Ready for The BEST Indie Horror FIlm since Night of the Living Dead 1968"


Two female drugs addicts heist a white supremacist safe house but are faced with a decision; take the cash or save a young girl's life.


Brian, a guy enjoying some "alone time", sneezes at an inopportune moment and is shocked by the consequences.